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Simple Rice Salad With Pink Sauce Recipe

7 oz of rice
9 oz of cooked prawns
1 small can of peas
3.5 oz of pickles
2 tomatoes
1 cup of mayonnaise
2 tbsp. of mustard
3 or 4 tbsp. of fried tomato
2 eggs


Place 1 tbsp of salt in 1 L of water. As soon as it boils add the rice, stir carefully and allow cooking. When it is done pass it through water, strain and place it in a salad bowl. Cook the eggs.

Prepare the sauce mixing the mayonnaise, fried tomato and mustard. Chop the tomatoes, prawn and pickles and add them to the rice along with the peas.

Add the sauce, mix and garnish with the minced eggs. You may also add black olives.